Gerber knives are designed for hunting, survival, tactical, and everyday carry. A Gerber knife will have you covered for you needs.


In a world gone soft, there are exceptions. There are people like you who still hike, fish, hunt, climb and tackle the tough chores like your father did. For them, or you, we offer these knives. Gerber® knives are the product of over six decades of hard-earned knowledge, and you'll know it by the way these knives balance in your hand, hold their edge under stress and flawlessly performs the task at hand.

From very early on, Gerber collaborated with top knife designers, setting a standard of quality for everyone else to follow. Renowned designers such as Al Mar, Bob Loveless, Paul Poehlmann, "Blackie" Collins, William Harsey Jr. and Ernest Emerson have all designed knives for Gerber.


Gerber 01471 Suspension multipliers.


Geber 08239 Legend Multi tool.

Gerber 06971

Gerber 06971 EZ Out Rescue knife.

Gerber 06701

Gerber 08701 EZ Out fine edge.

Gerber 06751

Gerber 06751 EZ Out serrated edge.

Gerber 01534

Gerber 01534 Hinderer rescue knife with tool set.

Gerber 06064

Gerber 06064 Gator drop point 154cm folding hunter.

Gerber 06069

Gerber Gator 06069 Clip point folder made in USA.

Gerber 30001060

Gerber 30001060 Strongarm Coyote serrated edge.

Gerber 30001038

Gerber 30001038 Strongarm Black Fine edge.

Gerber 30001059

Gerber 30001059 Strongarm Coyote serrated edge.

Gerber 30001058

Gerber 30001058 Strongarm Coyote Fine edge.

Gerber 01629

Gerber 01629 LMFII Infantry Black

Gerber 31003319

Gerber 31003319 One Flip green

One-Flip-Blue 31003321

Gerber 31003321 One Flip Blue

Gerber fastball

Gerber Fast Ball Green

Gerber 31000367

Gerber 31000367 Basic.

Gerber 31000368

Gerber 31000368 Index Blue

Gerber 31003323

Gerber 31003323 Index red

Gerber 31000593

Gerber 31000593 Swagger 2.8 inch.

Gerber 31000594

Gerber 31000594 Swagger 3.3 inch

Gerber 75231

Gerber 75231 Gator fillet knife 7".

Gerber 31003340

Gerber 31003340 Controller 8" fillet knife.

Gerber 31002820

Gerber 31002820 Freescape camp saw 14.5".

Gerber 41578

Gerber 41578 Gorge folding shovel.

Gerber 31000759

Gerber 31000759 Gator Machete Junior.

Gerber 31000758

Gerber 31000758 Gator Machete.

Gerber 31003464

Gerber 31003464 Compleat camping set.

Gerber 31001134

Gerber 31001134 Dime multi tool.

Gerber 31000116

Gerber 31000116 Curve multi tool.

Gerber 31002735

Gerber 31002735 Vital

Gerber 31003053

Gerber 31003053 Vital big game folder.

Gerber 48443

Gerber 48443 Paraframe 1 fine edge.

Gerber 48485

Gerber 48485 Paraframe mini.

Gerber 06906

Gerber 06906 Gator.

Gerber 06932

Gerber 06932 Gator folder.

Gerber 46050

Gerber 46050 LST

Gerber 46904

Gerber 46904 Gator drop point.


Gerber 31003476 Flatiron