"Give me six hours to cut down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." Back when Abraham Lincoln said those words, he was undoubtedly purveying sound advice about the value of preparation. Too bad Abe – who was revered for his ability to split as many rails a day as any three men – never got his hands on a Fiskars Axe.

First off, he'd spend far less time on sharpening, since our drop-forged heads tenaciously hold their edge even as they chew through the flintiest heartwood. He'd admire the finely tuned balance. Appreciate the virtually unbreakable FiberComp™ fiberglass handle, and approve of the artful joinery that locks the head in permanent, wiggle-free position. On second thought, maybe it's a good thing Abe didn't have a Fiskars® Axe, or he might never have gotten around to that career in politics.

Fiskars X5 Hatchet

Fiskars 3121121 X5 254mm hatchet

Gerber 31002536

Gerber 31002536 Freescape Hatchet 17.5". Gerber axes, like all of their products, are built to face down challenges. the 17.5" Freescape Hatchet serves well in its capacity as a rough, ready, and clever tool in the Gerber Freescape series.

Gerber 31002651

Gerber 31002651 23.5" axe. Light in the handle and tough in the blade, the 23.5" Axe delivers a solid, easy swing with superior control. A new black PTFE coating on the blade ensures it slices through wood without sticking and a forged head that splits wood evenly. A chop that is up to three times deeper than average. Gerber's largest axe offering, this tool is designed for maximum power when splitting logs and chopping roots.

Gerber 31003636

Gerber 31003636 Power splitting 36" axe. Gerber's largest axe offering, this tool is designed for maximum power when splitting logs and chopping roots. A weighted stainless steel head and black PTFE coated blade easily splits large-sized logs in one clean attempt without sticking. The sizable handle is tough and easy to grip.

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